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horror from the deep

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horror from the deep Empty horror from the deep

Post  Guest Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:02 pm

Items Needed:
  • 2 Planks
    60 Steel Nails
    Swamp Tar
    Molten Glass
    1 Air, Fire, Earth, and Water rune
    an Arrow and a Sword ( bronze-iron works, you won't get them back)
    Good weapon
    Bow and arrows
    Attack runes for magic
    2-4 Prayer Pots

Level Requirements:
35 Agility( 30+ summer pie or 32+ agility pot
able to defeat a level 100 monster
13+ magic is an advantage
Quest Requirements:
Completion of Barcrawl
Starting Point:
Talk to Larissa at the entrance to the Lighthouse.

Rewards Information


1. Go to the barbarian outpost, and travel north until you reach some water with stones leading to the other side. Jump across them to make your way to the other side.
Once you reach the other side, make your way up and speak to Larissa.
She will tell you about her boyfriend Jossik and the lighthouse.
She will ask you to help her. Agree to help her to find her love.

2. She will tell you her uncle, Gunnjorn has a spare key to the lighthouse, and that he loves agility. He should be somewhere around an agility course not far off. She also says you will need to repair the bridge to the east, but only need a couple planks because she is good at agility.

3. Now take your two planks, hammer, and nails, and head to the east until you run into a broken bridge. Use a plank with the side you are on. Now jump over to the other side, and use the plank on it. Now you should be able to cross over again on the ledge.

4. Now go to the Barbarian Agility course, and enter in. Go talk to Gunnjorn, and he will give you the spare key to the lighthouse. Now go back to the lighthouse, and talk to Larissa. Now go inside the lighthouse. Head upstairs and search the bookcase. Take all three of the books and read them.

5. Now head upstairs to the top floor of the lighthouse. if you use the tinderbox on the lighting mechanism, you see it will not light. Use the swamp tar on it, then light it with the tinderbox. Now use the molten glass on it, and it should light up and start to work.

6. Now go downstairs to the first floor and talk to Larissa. Now you will be able to enter the basement. Now go downstairs and study the strange wall. Now close the window. Now use 1 air, 1 earth, 1 fire, 1 water rune, 1 arrow, and one sword on the strange wall.
(Note: You will not get these back.)

7. Now go through the door to the right, and head your way down the ladder.
Now go talk to Jossik. After you are done, a level 100 dragonmoth will appear and start to attack you. It isn't that hard so you won't need prayer yet. Kill it.

8. After you kill it. Another one will come up. It's level 100 mother. This one isn't as easy and will take awhile to kill. Use prayer when you're fighting it. it also has a range attack if you are a distance from it. it will change colours, depending on the colour is it's weakness.

Red--Fire magic
Blue--Water magic
Brown--Earth magic
White--Air magic

Once dead, you have completed the quest!!!

9. Once you defeat it, you will be teleported out of the room and have a casket in your inventory. You will talk to Jossik. Now head upstairs to the second floor and talk to him again. He will ask you what it says, choose the God of your choice. He will ask if you are sure, choose it again. Then he will give you a Prayer book of [insert god name here].
It gives +5 prayer bonus, and worn in the shield spot. There are new clue items out, torn pages to make your prayer book "complete".

If you lose your book, you can get it back by talking to Jossik.(Including all the pages you had in it)


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horror from the deep Empty RE: Quest Guide

Post  Guest Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:00 am

Thanks because few other sites are not much detailed as you.Smile


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horror from the deep Empty Re: horror from the deep

Post  Guest Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:33 pm

things that can help: summoning, (but it IS a multi-way) so if you're bring BoB, be sure to dismiss it >Surprised.

bring only 1 armour set to save up room for extra food-runes.

Bring atleast 3-4 recoils! Helps alot.

methinks i made guide better =)


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horror from the deep Empty Re: horror from the deep

Post  Elfin Shotz Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:35 pm

One extra thung. The mother doesnt change coler anymore. So bring a range wepaon and 2 of the 4 mage spells...50% chance of getting the colar..if u odnt get it..just get out and back in..altough you mgiht have to fight the baby again, which shouldnt be a big problem.

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horror from the deep Empty Re: horror from the deep

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