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waterfall quest

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waterfall quest Empty waterfall quest

Post  Guest Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:19 pm

Items Needed:
2-3 Ropes
6 Air Runes
6 Water Runes
6 Earth Runes
Good Armour and Weapons
Stat Restore Potion
Prayer Potion
Teleport Runes or Amulets

Start Point:
North of Baxtorian Falls, speak to Almera

Rewards Information


1. Start the quest by talking Almera. She can be found in the house shown above. You can get here by going north out of Ardougne and walking on the eastern side of the river.

2. After talking to her, take the raft in the back. You will crash onto an island and you should see a boy. Talk to him.

3. After talking to him, use your rope on the rock (it's a bit downstream). Then use the rope on the dead tree. You will appear on a ledge. DO NOT attempt to enter, as that will inflict damage upon you. Just take the barrel down the waterfall.

4. Enter the house which is north of you and talk to Hadley (the maps is just below). After talking to Hadley, go upstairs and search the bookcase. You will find a book. Aren't you a lucky quester! More reading! Read the book, and go back downstairs and talk to Hadley again.

Note: It would be recommended to bring some teleport runes in this section, so it saves you the time walking back out of the maze unless you have finished the Tree Gnome Village quest).

5. Go to the Gnome Maze, and take the path to the "!" symbol on the map below (it is circled in red). If you have finished the Tree Gnome Village quest, you can talk to Elkoy and take a shortcut which reduces the maze time considerably. Once you reach your destination, climb down the ladder into the Tree Gnome Village Dungeon.

6. Once you are down the ladder, head east. You will find a lot of crates and boxes. Search them all until you find a key. Once you get the key, head to the west part of the dungeon, and open the jail door. Talk to the Gnome, and she'll give you "Glarial's Pebble". Then teleport out of there, or you can walk back.

7. Deposit ALL ARMOUR AND WEAPONS (including capes and runes) and just bring food and the pebble. If you did bring armour or weapons, it won't let you in. Head to the circled area below. It is near Hadley's house (where you got the book). Check out the map of Glarial's Tomb ahead of time. Now use Glarial's Pebble with the grave. You will appear in yet another dungeon. Run straight to the chest and open it to receive Glarial's Amulet. Then head the other direction, and open to coffin to receive the urn. Now you can teleport, or walk back to your local bank; the one near Ardougne is a close one!
Note: You can get more than one Glarial's Amulet in case you lost your first one.

8. Keep the Urn and Glarial's Amulet, and get your 6 air, 6 earth and 6 water runes along with some food, rope, and prayer potions. Now head back to Almera's house (if you forgot location, refer to the map in Step 1), and take the raft again. Use the rope on the rock, and then the dead tree to appear on a ledge. Make sure you are wearing Glarial's Amulet, and then open the door. If you're not wearing it, you'll just fall down the waterfall.

9. The Waterfall dungeon (click for map) is filled with Fire Giants, Shadow Spiders (these will lower your prayer) and Skeletons. First head east to where the skeletons are and search the boxes and crates until you find a key. Now head to the west side of the cave and head north. Use the key you just found on the door and go through. Then use the key again to go through the second door, and you will appear in a room with pillars.

10. Use each of your runes with each of the pillars. There are 6 pillars, so you put 1 water rune, 1 earth rune, and 1 air rune with each pillar. Once you have completed that, use your Glarial's Amulet with the Statue of Glarial and the floor will rise up to the Chalice. Use the urn with the Chalice, and you have completed the Waterfall Quest!


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waterfall quest Empty Re: waterfall quest

Post  Guest Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:10 pm

use pictoors to halp the noobs :O


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